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Checking ATM/Debit Application

Important: A Checking account is required. If you want two cards, the account to be used must be a joint account in the names of both cardholders.

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  • Do you need a second card for a joint account holder?

I (We) have read the Illiana Financial Credit Union Checking/ATM Debit Card "AGREEMENT" and "DISCLOSURE STATEMENT" to which this application is attached and I (we) have detached such "AGREEMENT" and "DISCLOSURE STATEMENT" and retained it as my (our) copy. I (We) authorize the Credit Union to verify or obtain further information the Credit Union may deem necessary concerning my (our) credit standing.

I (We) by submitting this form, agree to all terms and conditions of such Checking/ATM Debit Card "AGREEMENT" and "DISCLOSURE STATEMENT".

  • Electronic Signature Agreement