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COVID-19 Skip-A-Payment Program

This agreement must be signed by all borrowers, co-borrowers, and/or cosigners.

*Please note that Loans past due more than 30 days are not eligible for deferral.

* Indicates Required

I would like to defer payments on the following loan(s):

  • Terms Agreement
  • Electronic Signature Agreement
  • Electronic Signature Agreement (Co-Borrower)

*I understand that the terms and condition of my loan agreement still apply, except that there will not be any regular monthly payments required on the approved requested deferral period. Afterwards I must make my regular monthly payments. I under- stand that finance charges will continue to accrue during the deferral period. I understand that deferral of my regular payments will result in having to pay higher total finance charges, and that my loan repayment schedule will be extended. Visa skip-a-pay is available. Visa credit card finance charges will continue to accrue as normal. I also understand that the credit union reserves the right to terminate this offer at any time.